Using Electronic Notebooks in teaching and research

Teaching and learning in laboratory courses, or any courses where students perform experiments, require designing active learning activities and engaging students in the learning process. Digital educational technology can be successfully used in this process. In co-operation, the European Chemistry Thematic Network - ECTN Working Group Eurolecturer Academy and the DISTINCT project, are organizing a series of three webinars where three different approaches will be presented on how digital technology can be used in a pedagogically relevant way to improve students’ learning.
This is a second webinar in the series. See for more information about the series.

This webinar will be given by Alexandra YeungCurtin University, Perth, Australia
She is a senior lecturer and the Chemistry Major Coordinator in the School of Molecular and Life Sciences. 

Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELNs) have recently gained popularity in academia and industry while paper laboratory notebooks (PLNs) are becoming obsolete from the digital world. This is due to many benefits of ELNs such as efficiency, accessibility, and data integrity. In response to changes to industry practice, ELNs have been implemented to help students develop skills that are easily transferrable and prepare them for a technological rich workplace. This webinar will provide insights into students’ and teaching staff’ experiences with using ELNs, particularly LabArchives.



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