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Informatie uit (Big) Data? Visualisatie kan je helpen. Zoek je contact met (andere) visualisatie experts of zoek je visualisatie tips en tools? “SIG VIS makes visualization visible”. (Note: site is mostly in English)

Visualization, an essential tool for the analysis of (big) data

The scale and complexity of scientific data sets are growing at an exponential pace.
A researcher needs user-friendly tools and infrastructure when exploring and analyzing (Big) Data. Big Data is not necessary “big” in Volume, but can be big in Variety, Value, Velocity or other properties. (Scientific) visualization is a faster and more effective means with which to acquire information and knowledge from data. Experience with various methodologies and environments for analyzing Big Data, such as remote visualization, high-resolution visualization on multi- megapixel tiled display panels, 3D visualization and in-situ visualization is available in the Netherlands and could help researchers in their day-to-day work. But often (the potential of) visualization is not well known or access to knowledge and tools not trivial.


The Special Interest Group Visualization –SIG-VIS in short- promotes visualization as tool for the analysis of (big) data and the exchange of knowledge, expertise and experience that is present in the SURF community. There are two subcommunities in the SIG: visualization experts in various scientific fields and users of visualization in their own field of research or education. The SIG also serves as a gateway or “conduit” for questions that the SURF community may have on using visualization as a tool.

The SIG has the mission to “Make Visualization Visible”, as it thinks visualization is too often underestimated in its potential, not considered part of project proposals where it may yet play a significant role or it is not considered at all by lack of awareness. This should be changed, while at the same time the skill levels of the experts in the field can and should be broadened and deepened, if only to keep up with the increasing, yet unexploited potential of modern ICT tools to serve better visual representation of data, in their temporal and multidimensional context.

Because of the international community active in visualization in SURF context, the language used in the SIG is English.

Kernel Group

The kernel group coordinates the SIG-VIS, with experts in the field of visualization from various institutes, and researchers already using visualization in their day-to-day work. Currently the kernel group consists of:

  • Patrick Aerts, secretary (Netherlands eScience Center) and SURF-contact
  • Robert Belleman (UvA)
  • Yuri Engelhardt (UvA, UTwente)
  • Frans van Hoesel, chairman (RUG)
  • Tijs de Kler (SURFsara)
  • Anton Koning (ErasmusMC)
  • Robert van Liere (CWI, TUE)
  • Paul Melis (SURFsara)
  • Maarten van Meersbergen (Netherlands eScience Center)
  • Andrea Scharnhorst (Dans)
  • Anna Vilanova (TUD)
  • Paul Wielinga (independent)

Enthusiast? Curious? Join the VIS-SIG

If you are interested in what  visualization might do for you in your field of work and what activities are going on in this field in the Netherlands, join the SIG as a follower. If you have ideas or questions you want to share with the SIG, contact any for the kernel members or the chairman of SIG VIS.

More information on the SIG and its activities

The Planning Document 2015 is available on line

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