5th LAK Hackathon - An interlinked hackathon benefiting the field by addressing emerging issues.

An interlinked hackathon benefiting the field by addressing emerging issues.

Dear Reader,

Please consider involving yourself in the 5th LAK hackathon which will be held as a preconference workshop for 2 days before the main Learning Analytics conference in Arizona Texas in early March.

The event is one of a set of interlinked events where emerging issues or research questions relevant to the field are reviewed by many eyes and stakeholders. The event is linked to previous issues from LAK15, LAK16 & LAK17, LAK18, LSAC 2018 hackathons and will feed into the LSAC2019 hackathon in Nance France.

I will report back in a second blog the findings from the LSAC2018 hackathon

Please consider submitting your questions and involving yourself. The submissions are of 1 page and help focus some in the field. Previous questions have included:

Below is the Call for proposals. You are most welcome.

Welcome to the Fifth Learning Analytics Hackathon (LAK Hackathon). In this event, we focus on improving the learner's experience through trusted and inclusive learning analytics across spaces. We want to give visibility to new LA tools, standards and infrastructures. If you have a research question, data set, idea or a problem bring it to the hackathon. We encourage joining the event no matter what your background. We aim to address the science-practice divide, by having practitioners and researchers working in multidisciplinary teams towards common objectives. To ensure continuity with the whole LAK community, this year we allow also one-day participation in the LAK Hackathon, to allow people interested in parallel pre-conference workshops also to join and bring their research questions.

List of Topics

The purpose of submitting a paper proposal is to describe an open research question relevant to the LAK conference and therefore to the LAK Hackathon. We are not looking for finished work. We are not even looking for started work. We are looking for clear challenges that can be the starting points for tasks to be completed at the Hackathon. Each contribution should therefore briefly provide some context for the proposed research question, explain the expected outcomes and objectives that the author wish to be achieved by exploring this question at the LAK Hackathon 2019.

Examples of possible topics, taken from the expected outcomes of LAK Hackathon 2019 include:

  • Multimodal Learning Analytics
  • Data Interoperability
  • Goal setting and analytics
  • Student facing Open APIs
  • Curriculum analytics
  • Trusted Learning Analytics

Submission Guidelines

We are looking for short contributions following this template with a length of 1 page.  The contribution should formulate clear research question(s) that are relevant for the hackathon, provide context through the referencing of previous research and explaining the targets you wished to be achieved.  We expect the following structure for the short paper:

  1. Background: context and a short description of the problem to be addressed
  2. Research question(s): clear research question(s) to be answered at the hackathon
  3. Expected outcomes: description of the expected solutions to the research questions

Program & Organizing Committee

  • Daniele Di Mitri, Open University of the Netherlands
  • Adam Cooper, Tribal Group, the U.K.
  • Kirsty Kitto, University of Technology, Sydney
  • Gábor Kismihók, TIB Hannover
  • Stefan T. Mol, University of Amsterdam
  • Niall Sclater, Jisc / Sclater Digital Ltd
  • Jan Schneider, DIPF - Frankfurt
  • Alan Mark Berg, ICTS, University of Amsterdam


The LAK Hackathon 2019 will be held as a pre-conference workshop at the Learning Analytics Conference 2019 in Tempe, Arizona. For more information about the conference visit the website https://lak19.solaresearch.org/workshop-schedule/


All questions about submissions should be emailed to daniele.dimitri@ou.nl


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