Monitoring HSM memory usage

If, like us, you use an HSM to store your DNSSEC key material you may know that it is important to monitor memory usage in your HSM; with a typical DNSSEC key management scheme you may have as many as 5 keys active per signed domain. This can be a burden on your HSM, especially if it has a limited amount of storage like ours do.

To automate this monitoring, we have created a little tool called “p11memmon”. It can be integrated as a Nagios check and monitors the amount of available memory through the PKCS #11 interface of your HSM. The tool can give a warning when memory saturation reaches a certain limit (75% is the default setting) and reports a critical status if the memory saturation exceeds a maximum limit (90% by default).

Photo of RAM memory

We’ve made this tool available in open source, you can download it here. The source includes a specification file that you can use to build an RPM package.



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