Webinar GPT-NL: an update for education by Duuk Baten

June is the month of AI in Education, SURF organizes a webinar about GPT.NL and the implications for education.

Date: 27th of June, 2024
Time: 11:00 to 12:00 CET
Link: edu.nl/mmfbe


Developing a strong language model in an open and transparent way is a challenge. Language models are the foundations of generative AI tools and should therefore represent our values. The Netherlands is taking an important step in this direction with GPT-NL: a project lead by non-profit parties TNO, NFI and SURF that will deliver a Dutch-centric language model while strengthening public expertise and hands-on experience in the field of language models. The project also aims to provide an incentive for research and innovation in the field. In this talk, we will present the idea behind the project, the current status, SURF's position and how we expect it to impact the education sector.

Link to the webinar (EN)

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