Unlocking the Potential of Responsible AI in Research: Share Your Insights in Our 10-Minute Survey

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the research landscape, offering new methodologies and tools that have the potential to greatly enhance scientific discoveries. However, the adoption of AI in research also brings its own set of challenges, requiring new skills and a deep understanding of responsible AI practices. We need your insights to help us navigate this exciting yet complex field. Help us by filling in our 10-minute survey on responsible AI in research!

In this 10-minute survey, we aim to gain a better understanding of your research practice using AI and/or machine learning, and the role that responsible AI plays in your work. Your valuable insights will help us identify current gaps and needs, as well as inform our members' approach to responsible AI.

By participating in this survey, you will contribute to a comprehensive analysis of how AI is being used responsibly in research. Your input will help SURF gain insights into the needs and challenges faced by researchers like you, and will be used to inform our strategy, annual plans, and (public) reports.

Please take 10 minutes to complete our survey on responsible AI in research. Your participation is vital for SURF's future plans and ambitions on supporting the use of AI in research.

The rapid advancements in AI offer immense potential for research, but also demand a strong focus on responsible practices. By sharing your experiences and insights through our survey, you will help us better support researchers in the future. Please take a moment to complete the survey and help us better understand the current state of responsible AI in research and how we can work together to bridge the gaps.



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