Working together on Earth Observation

SURF works together with EO researchers in a large number of projects. These  projects range from support for data (re)processing over complete mission archives, answering specific research questions with diverse (GIS) datasets, to building dedicated IT infrastructures. Find a selection of our EO projects below.


In order to process the large amount of  available EO data, high-quality IT services are required. In the European C-SCALE project, we make infrastructure services easily available to researchers and help them to use these services properly.

SURF supports SRON for Tropomi satellite data analysis

The European satellite Sentinel-5P measures air quality on earth from space. On board is the Dutch measuring instrument Tropomi, one of the most advanced space projects ever to be carried out in the Netherlands. SRON is working with SURF to store and analyse all the data it produces.



Ecologist Willem Bouten of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) investigates the behaviour of birds in relation to atmospheric dynamics: what happens in the air? The binoculars have been exchanged for big data and small computers that birds carry around the world. Traditional ecology develops into e-Ecology.

Researcher behind computer

KNMI shares weather data with fellow institutes via EUMETSAT

Weather satellites provide raw data for weather and climate models. EUMETSAT collects this raw data and distributes the processed data to weather institutes in its member countries, such as the Dutch KNMI. The institutes themselves contribute to the processing of the data. How does this work, how are the data distributed, and what is SURF's role?

clouds and pixels

Greater insight into earthquakes using seismic data

KNMI houses the European Data Centre ORFEUS, Observatories and Research Facilities for European Seismology. KNMI/ORFEUS collaborated with SURF for data replication using the B2SAFE service. This makes research data easier to manage and makes it accessible within European multidisciplinary research infrastructures.

Remote Sensing Deployable Analysis Environment

An eScience Center - SURF Alliance project that aims to develop an environment that will provide scientists with tools to access remote sensing data and analyze it, enabling them to use the massive storage and infrastructure offered by SURF.


I primarily work with the Dutch research communities Earth Observation and…


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