Help Set the Stage for AI in Education

TLDR; AI’s in education are all over, but we need helping finding even more, what can you share from your own inventory or knowledge pool?

AI Has Entered The Chat

When “Artificial Intelligence” enters a conversation in the context of education, the range of emotion amongst a crowd really expands across the spectrum of human reaction. Some find frustration, some look to optimism, others find a way to be skeptical in each new discussion about the algorithm. What sort of reaction do you have? Which AI’s give you a good feeling? Or perhaps there are ones that you are skeptical about? Which of them are you willing to share?

To help you, our members, SURF aims to create an overview of AI in Education applications. We are currently gathering examples of the application of AI in education in order to get an overview of the current landscape of AI in Education. The project is open to many different audiences, but predominately leans towards higher education uses of AI.

This could be AI’s found in classrooms; AI-Aided Teaching, AI-Powered Language Learning (ever heard of Duolingo?), AI Writing Assistants, or even AI’s designed to support self-reflection reflection in learning. It could also be AI’s specific to lab research, such as virtual labs. Or perhaps you know of an AI for personal tutoring that you heard someone reference one time? We’d love to know about it too!

What Are We Asking For?
We are asking for any resources or specific examples you have of AI('s) in educational technologies or educational uses. These will be added to our inventory and most likely published in a report on the current landscape or overview of AI in education by SURF. In particular we are looking for examples of successful applications within Dutch or European higher education.

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