LAKathon 2020 - Call for proposals

On behalf of the LAKathon organisers.


You have an opportunity to submit proposals for research questions to be addressed and explored at #LAKathon 2020 the yearly hackathon event of the Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK’20) conference


  • 1st November 2019 – Workshop calls for participation announced
  • 15th December 2019 – Workshop papers submission deadline
  • 5th January 2020 – Notifications sent out (prior to the early-bird registration)
  • 5th February 2020 – Final version of papers due for Companion Proceedings
  • 23-24th March 2020 – LAKathon taking place in Frankfurt, Germany.

(All deadlines at 23:59 Hawaii time.)


We are looking for short contributions following this template with a length of 1 page.  The contribution should formulate clear research question(s) that are relevant for the hackathon, provide context through the referencing of previous research and explaining the targets you wished to be achieved.  We expect the following structure for the short paper:

  • Background: context and a short description of the problem to be addressed
  • Research question(s): clear research question(s) to be answered at the hackathon
  • Expected outcomes: description of the expected solutions to the research questions

Please submit your paper through the Easychair by 15 December 2019


The purpose of submitting a paper proposal is to describe an open research question relevant to the LAK conference and therefore to the LAK Hackathon. We are not looking for finished work. We are not even looking for started work. We are looking for clear challenges that can be the starting points for tasks to be completed at the Hackathon. Each contribution should therefore briefly provide some context for the proposed research question, explain the expected outcomes and objectives that the author wish to be achieved by exploring this question at the LAK Hackathon 2020.

Examples of possible topics, taken from the expected outcomes of LAK Hackathon 2020 include:

  • Multimodal Learning Analytics
  • Data Interoperability
  • Goal setting and analytics
  • Analytics in game-based assessment and games for learning
  • Curriculum analytics

Read here more in detail the proposed topics for the LAK Hackathon.


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