New research portal for the Netherlands with OpenAIRE is live

The Netherlands Research Portal, hosted on OpenAIRE is now live! It is the successor of NARCIS, providing an overview of publications, datasets, and projects across all Dutch research institutions.

The portal was built through collaboration of OpenAIRE, the national and university libraries (UKB), and SURF. It aims to connect Dutch research to a broader audience of (inter)national researchers, journalists, policymakers and companies.  The first image (at the end of text) shows a purple table outlining the differences in the functionalities. 

Even though there are already additional features, more improvements are in progress. We share some of the outlined objectives here.
Short-term improvements:

  • Finalize the incorporation of the last data sources
  • Add more information to the web pages
  • Create an extensive frequently asked questions section
  • Ensure the projects module shows all projects (currently limited to around 1,000 per funder)
  • Get other funders to enter their project data in OpenAIRE
  • Add the data dump of the portal to the develop environment

Long-term improvements:

  • Addition of expert pages based on recognition and rewards standards from GraspOS to make researchers more visible (for society and collaboration)
  • Analysis and use cases for the data dump and API of the portal data (a.o. for UKBSis monitoring and e-depot archiving)
  • Add affiliation information, information about faculties, departments and organisational structure to the OpenAIRE Graph
  • Single Sign On for users (via Surfconext)

While we are excited that the new portal is live, we also want to take note of the legacy that NARCIS has left behind. NARCIS started out in 2004, as a continuation of the Dutch Research Database (Nederlandse Onderzoek Databank - NOD). Its aim was to support the collaboration and interoperability of the Dutch repositories (that started within DAREnet at the time) from universities and research institutes together with NWO. While it started with disseminating Open Access publications, the portal later also aggregated metadata-only records. We’d like to pay homage to NARCIS’ 20 years by sharing some of its milestones:

  • 2011 250.000th publication in Open Access
  • 2020 Integration NARCIS PID-graph
  • 2020 300.000th Open Access dataset
  • 2022 1.000.000th publication in Open Access

Take a look at the new Netherlands Research Portal and leave feedback for us.

Note: this blog was written by Maurice Vanderfeesten.

Table mapping functionalities of the two portals
Monitor dashboard showing open access publications



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