The XR Innovation Forum: a discussion platform on eXtended Reality (XR)

A few weeks ago, SURF launched the XR Innovation Forum, an online forum for knowledge exchange and discussion of the use of XR in research and education.

The platform, a pilot project that will initially last a year, is intended for teachers, researchers, developers, staff, students and anyone within our institutions interested in XR.


The XR Innovation Forum aims to connect experts and non-experts in the field of XR. The forum provides a place for help, questions and knowledge sharing on XR, both on a technical and non-technical level. Members of the XR Developer Network can also interact with each other on the forum.


The XR Innovation Forum focuses mainly on the use and development of XR for education and research in the Netherlands, specifically within the SURF community. This not only involves XR hardware and related technologies, such as VR headsets, game engines for creating XR applications, 360 video, haptics or eye tracking.

It is also about the application of XR in education and research, such as its effectiveness in the classroom, developing XR learning materials, organising community activities, device management or using XR technology for different types of research.

Link to existing communities

The XR Innovation Forum provides a place for easy online interaction and discussion on XR. It supports existing communities and initiatives such as the SIG Virtuality (present here on SURF Communities), or the NPuls pilothub XR and is intended to complement the physical and online meetings of these groups.

The XR Innovation Forum aims to make it simple to interact and discuss XR topics, in the broadest sense. It does not focus on a specific application domain of XR, nor a specific sector or region. Furthermore, more technical XR topics and questions are welcome as well.


The XR Innovation Forum can be accessed at

Note that a SURFconext account is required to register and login. At this point two dozen institutes have enabled logging in on the XR Innovation Forum through SURFconext. If you don't see your institute in the list during login they still might need to enable the link.


For whom: university, college, mbo, research, umc
Start: February 2024 (pilot)
End: Early 2025, then decision on continuation
Costs: none
Register and login (user):
SURFconext access to the pilot
(institution IT department)
Via SURFconext Dashboard


Want to know more? See the FAQ on the XR Innovation Forum itself. Or contact



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