How to publish an article or event

Anyone can post an article or event on SURF Communities. Please take a look at our community guidelines

1. Write an article

A good article is inviting and easy to understand. Your article will more likely be a good read if you follow this advice: choose a catchy title, write a short intro which contains the gist of your article, use subheadings and use images.

2. Log in to SURF Communities

To be able to publish an article, you need to log in to SURF Communities. You can do that easily with your institutional account or eduID.

Complete your profile with a photo and information about yourself. 

3. Post your article or event.

You are now ready to publish your article. Go to + Post an article and fill in the required fields. Click here to create an event.

Good to know:

  • In the Introduction field, only add a short intro (about 50-75 words).
  • Build your article using the Add text, Add image and Add video buttons.
  • Use Header 2 for paragraph headings and Header 3 for sub-headings.
  • Choose a landscape image for the overview page.
  • Only use images of your own, with permission or free of rights.
  • The first community name you select will be displayed as the main community, the others as tags at the bottom of your page. 

4. Encourage reach and interaction

Your article automatically reaches the followers of the community you are publishing in. Increase the reach by sharing the article on social media. And stimulate interaction by responding to comments on your article. You will receive a notification via e-mail and in your profile when someone has responded.

These guidelines apply to every type of content, including when you create an event within a community.