Webinar 10 juni 2021: Do we return to normal laboratory classes?

All students and teachers are looking forward to leaving the Covid-19 period behind and return to the normal situation where everyone can socialise and work in lab rooms again!

New developments indicate that the Covid measures will be eased and eventually disappear in the foreseeable future. But what does this mean for lab education? Is it expected to completely return to the ‘old-normal’, or will new gained insights being incorporated into a ‘new-normal’ situation?
During this webinar, a selection of European speakers will share their vision on how to fully resume lab education. 

The aim of this webinar is to sharing views, insights, thoughts and expectations on the return of normal lab education once the Covid-19 measures can be left behind.  Three subject matter experts will share their ideas and expectations and discuss whether the normal situation will return as it was or if it won't. It will be interesting to hearing for what reasons it might not return as it was.  

The three subject matter experts are all involved in lab education at their universities; Utrecht University, Swansea University (UK) and Technical University of Graz (Austria).

Most interesting to find out is what will come out of the discussions also looking at the international character of the setting and does this compare to your university or college?

Click here for the URL to get access to the webinar.  In case you want to be invited via email and receiving some reminders so you won't forget, please send us an email to info@labbuddy.net and we will put you on the invite list. Looking forward meeting you June 10 at 10am.




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