Conceiving, designing and implementing the mechanics teachers social club

As part of the Delft University of Technology's (TU Delft) bachelor programmes, mechanics courses are provided across 7 out of its 8 faculties by more than 70 mechanics lecturers. Yet, mechanics is considered a difficult subject to teach, with lecturers reporting that they have limited time and resources to assess and improve their teaching practice. Moreover, these lecturers are seldom connected. The lack of collaboration and exchange between the mechanics lecturers has resulted in limited peer-to-peer support and hindered the development of shared mechanics teaching competence. To tackle these challenges, the PRogramme for Innovation in MECHanics education (PRIMECH) was launched at TU Delft in 2021. In this paper, PRIMECH's solution is discussed: the introduction of the Mechanics Teachers Social Club, an inter-faculty Community of Practice (CoP), built around the shared domain of interest of teaching mechanics and improving students' conceptual understanding. The CoP aims to enhance lecturers' awareness of best teaching practices and foster collaboration on new educational projects. Within this CoP, lecturers are encouraged to share teaching materials, discuss pedagogical approaches, and share advice towards achieving this goal.

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