Open Science, get ready for Research Information community!

Since Open Science is one of the innovation zones of the SURF strategy, we find this name confusing for a community. Therefore, John Doove and I are proposing to rename and rebrand this community to Research Information!


As you might already know, we are involved in several activities and projects related to Research Information:

  • Development of a national PID roadmap,
  • Business case for Open Knowledge Base,
  • ORCID consortium, 
  • Research Information in hbo,
  • and more to come!

We are currently entering a phase where we are developing a roadmap for Research Information (RI) in the Open Science innovation zone. We have seen an interest by our stakeholders to stay informed about the development of this RI roadmap as well as other activities and projects involving Research Information.

To avoid "yet another community", we are proposing to use this community page to link several communities and use this as a channel to spread your ideas, events and projects across the communities. We will also use this channel to inform everyone about our activities and also use it to announce new events, projects and activities.

If there are any objections, remarks or critical consideration to make ... speak now or forever hold your peace!



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