Quarantine Lectures

The University of the Netherlands started Quarantine Lectures

At the moment, many lectures, professors, and university staff are working on recording videos, moving their courses online, and designing online assignments. Marc van Oostendorp, professor at the Radboud University, has made an appeal to his colleagues: make these recorded lectures available to the public.

The University of the Netherlands, with support from the Association of Universities in The Netherlands (VSNU), has developed a website realise this initiative. On www.quarantainecolleges.nl, lecturers can upload their recorded lectures. After uploading, the University of the Netherlands checks these lectures for quality and copyright. After the check, the videos are published on the Quarantine Colleges-YouTube channel.

Would you like to give a lecture from your living room without students but have a lot of people see it? Upload your video here.

Would you like to follow lectures you would otherwise not have access to, from the comfort of your living room and without fellow students? See what lectures are available here.



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