National PID roadmap update

To address the possibility of employing PIDs in a coordinated way, and to find alignment between present and future initiatives, the PID advisory board requested the development of a national PID roadmap. A working group was established last year and their work resulted in a report.

On the 1st of March the working group, that is established last year, published their first output (Towards a National PID Roadmap) for an open consultation. The aim of this open consultation was to engage with the broader community on the content and further development of the National PID Roadmap.

We are happy to share that we received valuable feedback from various stakeholders. End of May the working group and advisory board came together to discuss on the progress and received feedback. This meeting led to the decision to iterate and deliver a new version in the period of September / October. We are planning for a working group meeting in September. 

If you are interested in participating, let us know!

More info about the National PID Roadmap can be found on



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