Journal of Learning Spaces second issue 2018

Voor iedereen die zich bezig houdt met redesigning learning spaces.
Het Journal of Learning Spaces (verschijnt 2x per jaar) heeft weer een paar interessante artikelen.

Hier het bericht dat ik ontving.
Ik heb al de titels van de artikelen bijgevoegd om een beeld te schetsen.

The second issue for 2018 of the Journal of Learning Spaces, was published right as we left for our holiday break:

These four articles add significant value to our collection of open access published literature regarding learning spaces and you are invited to enjoy the works of these fine authors.

There is more in the queue so look forward to more interesting articles to come in 2019.

Vol 7, No 2 (2018)

Table of Contents

Research Manuscripts


Social context matters: Predicting outcomes in formal learning environments

J.D. Walker, Paul Baepler




Belonging in Space: Informal Learning Spaces and the Student Experience

Lucy Morieson, Gabrielle Murray, Rachel Wilson, Bronwyn Clarke, Karli Lukas




Learning the ropes: The influence of the roundtable classroom design on socialization

Caroline S. Parsons




Participatory Design of Classrooms: Infrastructuring Education Reform in K-12 Personalized Learning Programs

Julie M Kallio




ISSN: 21586195



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