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  1. Successful seminar "Digital Twins for Earth Sciences"

    We look back at a very successful seminar "Digital Twins for Earth Sciences: How to prepare your infrastructure", that took place 21st of November 2022 at SURF. The seminar was fully booked with over 60 participants from academia, industry and government agencies. Find the presentations below in the programme.

  2. Ten years of research software collaboration

    Academic research in almost any discipline is impossible without software. But universities do not always have the expertise to develop this specific kind of research software. That is why NWO and SURF founded the Netherlands eScience Center ten years ago. Raúl Zurita Milla (University of Twente) pioneered with big data, thanks to the Center.

  3. National Strategy Earth Observation research

    Dutch scientists decided - for the first time - to join forces and formulate a National Strategy for Earth Observation research.

  4. New research shows communities around small reservoirs more vulnerable to climate extremes

    The water volume in small reservoirs is significantly more susceptible to seasonal and climate variability than larger reservoirs, leaving communities that rely on them more vulnerable to water scarcity and food insecurity, according to new research. Published on 12 August 2022 in Nature Scientific Reports, a new study identified and analyzed 71,208 small and medium reservoirs using Global Water Watch, a platform that provides free, globally-accessible, near-real-time information on water. This platform is being development by Deltares, World Resources Institute (WRI) and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and is supported by and the Water, Peace and Security Partnership. With water crises worsening due to growing demands and the escalating impacts of climate change, accessible and reliable water data is going to be increasingly important.

  5. Compute resources for Earth Observation

    SURF offers a wide range of services that are suitable for Earth Observation research. But how do you find the service that fits your research question best?

  6. New paper by C-SCALE partners

    An open compute and data federation as an alternative to monolithic infrastructures for big Earth data analytics

  7. Demonstration of tooling for analysis of remote sensing and earth observation data

    We would like to draw your attention to our upcoming demonstration of the “Remote Sensing – Deployable Analysis Environment (RS-DAT)” on 10-10-2022 (on location in Amsterdam) . RS-DAT is an alliance project between the eScience Center and SURF focused on facilitating remote sensing and earth observation based science.

  8. Working together on Earth Observation

    SURF works together with EO researchers in a large number of projects. These  projects range from support for data (re)processing over complete mission archives, answering specific research questions with diverse (GIS) datasets, to building dedicated IT infrastructures. Find a selection of our EO projects below.