International Student Workshop on Design Thinking in Time of Corona

From 5 to 7 May 2020 an International Student Workshop on Design Thinking, organized by the Erasmus+ project DT.Uni, took place. This international workshop was first planned as a 4 day event in Lublin (Poland) from April 21-24. Due to the Corona crisis this was not possible and as a result the workshop was organized online. The online workshop succeeded in keeping the interactive character that characterizes a design thinking approach. The students developed competences, such as improving their capacity to solve complex problems, adaptation to rapidly changing circumstances, critical thinking, flexibility, ‘learning to learn’, teamwork, and creativity.

The goal of this workshop was for each team to develop a unique design vision or point-of-view to a complex (wicked) problem, and thus to frame it in an innovative way. The workshop was given in Zoom, using the main room for explanations about the tasks, the presentation of groups and the final reflection. The breakout rooms were used by the groups to work on their tasks. Miro (, an online collaborative whiteboard platform, was used on which each group had its own collaboration board showing all the time the 8 workshop tasks to complete. The participants were organized in small internationally mixed groups of 3 to 4 students. Although students did not know each other before, the online collaboration in groups was fully achieved.
The online workshop had 33 participants from 7 European countries.


Group work
Collaboration in a Zoom breakout room using Miro. When the time for a task was over, the groups were brought automatically back to the main room in Zoom.



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