Symposium: Innovative use of Video in Higher Education

Making the Grade in Higher Education with Innovative Video-based Approaches and Resources

Media & Learning 2017 taking place on 6—7 April 2017 in Brussels will feature a dedicated symposium on the innovative use of video in higher education. This year’s event will be in a new venue; the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts right in the heart of Brussels.

Practically everyone in the higher education sector is aware of the impact moving images can have on a student population that has been raised on a diet of video. Recent studies indicate that more than half of all universities have integrated video into their offer and that video can significantly increase retention rates as well as enriching teaching. Our symposium is all about highlighting the latest pedagogical and technical developments in this field through a highly interactive agenda packed with inspiring talks, demos, best practice showcases and hands-on sessions.

The agenda will be built around the following specific themes:

  • Measuring the success of educational video with learning analytics
  • Innovating learning experiences with 3D, 4K, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
  • Exploring different video-based formats; including web documentaries, MOOCs and different forms of knowledge capture
  • Considering scalability and infrastructure to take into account the explosion of data, coping with large amounts of student generated content and the need for scalability through, for example, one-button recording by academics
  • Getting the most out of video in a pedagogical context — learning from the research community
  • Effective assessment practices for video-based learning
  • Enhancing what you get from video through, for example, transcriptions, translations, metadata extraction and facilitating search

This highly interactive symposium is aimed at professionals involved in the use of video to support learning in higher education who would like to share their experiences and build then know-how from a pedagogical, technical and organisational point of view.



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