The countdown is on

The countdown is on! In just over one week you can do, see, hear, and experience all this at EPIC! 

EPIC programme 

EPIC’s programme is designed around the six tracks, allowing you to plan your days at EPIC around the themes closest to your interest and expertise. Every track has several workshops, discussions, and presentations.  

Keynote speakers are Adam Finkelstein, Roger Dassen, Anka Mulder, Dirk Van Damme, and Farshida Zafar. And EPIC will host several panels, all live-streamed:  

  • Round I on Monday: “Privacy and ethical conundrums in the use of education data” with panellists Robert Voogdgeert, Nol van Gerven and Miek Krol*  

  • Monday 15.45hrs (plenary programme): “Vision for the future of higher education” with Jet de Ranitz, Thomas van der Meer, and Sarah Wilton* 

  • Round IV on Tuesday: “How to boost the European EdTech ecosystem?” with Mia De Wilde, Christien Bok, Farshida Zafar, and Bart Corbijn* 

Acceleration Plan  

As EPIC is organised by the Dutch Acceleration Plan Educational Innovation with IT, you’ll have a chance to find out all about the Acceleration Plan and our products and projects. Visit our booth in the EPIC Area or visit one of our many sessions, which include:   

  • A presentation by John Walker and Duuk Baten “AI in Education: Innovations within the Classroom” in Round II on Monday* 

  • A workshop by Sharon Klinkenberg and Annette Peet: “Building a future for assessment as learning” in Round VI on Tuesday 

  • A facilitated discussion by Kim Schildkamp and Dorien Hopster-den Otter: “Effective use of digital opportunities: It begins and ends with lecturers” in Round VIII on Wednesday 

EPIC Area 

At the EPIC Area, next to the plenary stage, you’ll find the DemoLab with demos from Holobox, Enlight Ed, and De Rekenwinkel. The StartUpHub hosts Startup in Residence (RiS) by the the Acceleration Plan's EdTech working group, and among others: Buku, Quarterfall, and Uni-Life. 

Poster presentations will be held in Rounds III, V, and VIII. The entire programme can be found here

Tuesday is EdTech Tuesday 

On Tuesday, EPIC’s focal point will be EdTech. Sessions that can’t be missed that day include a panel discussion on EdTech: How to boost the European EdTech ecosystem? and ‘How to turn your teachers’ idea into a real EdTech experiment’ by John Walker. EPIC’s partners FeedbackFruits, Vorsen, Academic Software, LessonUp, HowSpace, Drieam, and Canvas will be providing sessions on Tuesday as well.  

 Partner sessions 

Be sure to also join sessions of EPIC's partners. You'll find EPIC's partners in the EPIC Area. Sessions from partners include:   

  • Round III on Monday: Vancis with “Deliver any app to any device on and off-campus to students off-campus to students of educational institutions” 

  • Round VI on Tuesday: Session of the Dutch Regional Development Agency (RDA) Utrecht with “7 innovative ways to improve student results” 

  • Round VII on Wednesday: Evidos with “Use case ROC Amsterdam: Electronic signing within your education software” 

* These sessions will be live-streamed 

#itsgonnabeEPIC with 600+ colleagues 

If you haven’t already, buy your ticket for EPIC now. Well over 600 people have currently registered for EPIC. Buy your ticket now and join hundreds of fellow experts at the end of the month, to share knowledge and experiences on the digital transformation in higher education.  

One time only 

We’ve heard people say: “I’ll be going to EPIC next year.” We have to disappoint though: we won’t be back next year. EPIC is a one-time-only affair, so miss out now, miss out forever. 

Get your tickets now:  



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