Webinar 14 december | Online proctoring for the future (EN)

What will happen with online proctoring when the corona crisis subsides? In this webinar the Special Interest Group (SIG) Digital Assessment presents future scenarios for any time any place assessment. These scenarios range from fully on campus to fully off campus to hybrid proctored digital assessments and scenarios for authentic assessment. 
Join us, to discuss the future of assessment. 

Datum: 14 december 2020 
Tijd: 15.00 – 16.30   

Follow the webinar Online proctoring in the future (EN).

Online proctoring after corona 

The corona crisis turned out to be a lever for using online proctoring in assessment. In many Higher education institutions, online proctoring will be rethought in the coming year and the post-corona period. Has online proctoring lived up to the expectation? From a logistic, process, privacy and fraud deterrence perspective, should higher education keep on using online proctoring and how? For example, partly on-campus and partly at-home? What will be the consequences be at the logistic level: how can you keep in control of the number of students taking exams on campus or at home and how should we size exam on-campus schedules? And what are the options using online proctoring to also administer authentic tests using additional software such as SPSS or R?   

In this webinar 

In this webinar the SIG Digital Assessment gives you a glimpse into the near future. By presenting future scenario’s you get insight in the current state of online proctoring, the possibilities for higher education and the limitations of any time any place assessment.

  • Sharon Klinkenberg (Chair SIG Digital Assessment and Chair Focus Group Digital Assessment at the University of Amsterdam) kicks off with an introduction. He discusses the promise of any time any place assessment. What is the current state?
  • Silvester Draaijer (Program manager Network for Teaching and Learning at the VU Amsterdam) en Ludo van Meeuwen (Manager Teacher Support & Quality Assurance Education and Students Affairs at the Eindhoven University of Technology) present to you the future scenarios of online proctoring in higher education in The Netherlands. They will discuss privacy and logistic issues for hybrid assessment.
  • Sharon Klinkenberg dives deeper into authentic assessment. Does online proctoring make this possible? And wat are chances and pro’s and con’s?
  • At the and there is time for discussion. We invite everyone to talk along.  

After this webinar

  • You will have insight in future scenario’s for online proctoring 
  • You know the limitations of the any time any place assessment dream 

For whom? 

This webinar is for everyone who is working on online proctoring in higher education. Think of (privacy) lawyers, policy officers, logistic and planning staff, exam committee members, assessment experts, application managers and IT and eductation support.

Can’t wait?  

Would you like to know more about online assessment? At SURF’s website you can find more information on digital assessment and online proctoring.  


Would you like to have an informal chat with the presenters and the participants? Join the follow-up immediately after the webinar from 16.30 to 17:00. 


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