Internationale conferentie over virtual exchange - 11 dec, Berlijn

De German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) heeft een call for papers gepubliceerd voor een internationale conferentie over virtual exchange. De conferentie is op 11 december 2019 in Berlijn. 

Proposals mogen gaan over de volgende thema's:

1) Boosting exchange: digital formats as a mean to enhance international cooperation between EHEA and other regions

2) Curriculum development: how to embed (sustainable) virtual exchange formats in study programs in order to create networked, cross-campus study programs and assure its quality?

3) Administration and management: which governance and IT infrastructures (such as federated campus management systems etc.) of Higher Education Institutions to develop with special regard to virtual exchange?

4) Building up expertise and capacities: what (new) skill and competence challenges arise for higher education students, teachers and staff? 

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