Virtual Reality Lectures – 7

Stitching is easy

So were almost done with this VR grassroots project. As mentioned in our last post we have recorded the Bayesian versus Frequentist debate by Eric-Jan Wagenmakers and Denny Borsboom. The debate lasted a full hour and our recordings were chopped up into seven gigabit sized chunks of approximately ten minutes.

The stitching process though, went smooth as butter. Where we initially thought that this would be a big hurdle it actually was as easy as selecting all chunks and clicking combine in the PIXPRO software. Oh, and wait for four hours.

The unexpected hurdle came after that, for we encountered multiple error messages when uploading the footage to youtube. After some fiddling around we finally realized we did not yet opted for the youtube verified account and that we were therefore not allowed to upload video’s longer than 15 minutes. Luckily this only required us to register our youtube account and we were set to go. One final upload and some youtube processing, which took again some five hours, and the video was online. If you’re interested in a debate between a Bayesian and a frequentist you can spend the next hour watching the footage below, which by the way is recorded in the gorgeous UvA facility the Lutherian Church.

So what can we say about the footage. Again it is clear that beamer is nog registered properly. While the screen seems blank there was actually text on it. But we knew that already. As for the recordings, it looks acceptable when viewed on a monitor in full resolution. But still while using a smartphone in a google cardboard even full res does not suffice. Though the recording is in 4K an iphone screen only puts out 1334 x 750 pixels. Add to that the splitting of the screen for stereoscopic view and your left with less than 667 x 750. We will try to get hold off a proper VR headset to see how that goes.

Though the resolution is not up to par viewing a lecture in this fashion does amount to a very immersive experience. You really feel like you’re in the lecture hall.

We have to conclude though that this solution for our initial goal does not suffice. At least for now. As mentioned in our earlier blog we will look into other options for attaining that goal and we will be spending some time to think of useful other applications for the VR cam.

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