FAQ: Remote testing and assessment

How can I assess students remotely?

Remote testing and assessments are still a great challenge for everyone. At score.hva.nl, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences offers an overview of the current insights surrounding online testing (Dutch).

What possibilities does online proctoring offer? 

In some cases, examining through online proctoring can be a solution. For more background information on online proctoring, see this white paper from SURF (English). However, in the short term, online proctoring does not seem to be a solution for large-scale exams.

You can read the advice of the SIG Digital Testing (Dutch) on online proctoring and the article by Wilfred Rubens (Dutch).

Which method is the safest?

To be able to make a well-founded decision as to which assessment method to use, SURF developed a choice making model (English) for safe assessment. Both the risk of fraud, and the interest ('stake') of the test results are taken into account. This model provides guidance to examination and test committees and other parties involved in determining whether the intended test situation is satisfactory, and to see which methods of test administration are suitable within the curriculum.

Are take-home exams the solution?

This depends on what you would like to test and on the available capacity. Of course, these kind of exams require a lot of review work. To help you consider when take-home exams are a solution, the SIG Digital testing collected 5 articles on this (all in English):

Can you test students using Zoom?

In this article (Dutch) you can read how Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) administers tests via Zoom. The university was already forced by the riots in November last year to bring their education entirely online.



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