Review: webinar on moving education online

On Wednesday 18 March , the Special Interest Group (SIG) Media & Education organised a webinar about organising online education. Not only did the speakers share useful information, a lively discussion took place among participants in the chat. Some participants included links and materials in these discussions. In this article we look back at the webinar and chat.



“How nice to share experiences with lecturers from other educational institutions!”

The past couple of weeks, the work of all support staff and lecturers has been turned upside down: everyone has worked hard. On Wednesday 18 March, we took a moment to reflect on this together, during a live webinar. There was a need for this, based on the high number of registrations: 371.

“It’s good to be in a different environment than MS Teams for a while...”

The core team members of the SIG Media & Education, led by chairman Martijn Hoeke, were able to arrange this webinar in just one day. Many thanks to the University of the Netherlands and their technology partner NEP. Many thanks also to moderator Zac Woolfit from Inholland University of Applied Sciences, who presented the webinar live from the studio in Hilversum. Finally, a big (virtual) applause for our speakers: Hilke van Nassau (Tilburg University), Erik Boon (VU Amsterdam) and Jantine te Molder (Saxion University of Applied Sciences).

Missed it?

Were you unable to watch the webinar live? You can watch the recording of the webinar through this link. Also, Peter Hollandts of Inholland University of Applied Sciences, has made a nice summary (Dutch) of what has been discussed.

Other links

During the webinar the chat box was also used to share links to interesting sources of information. Check them out below. 

The slides from speaker Jantine te Molder’s presentation:

Slack group to share experiences and information:

About dual coding:

Do's and Don'ts:

Synchronous vs asynchronous - an interesting overview:

Online magazine to help lecturers with remote teaching by Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences: (Dutch)

Using open and online educational resources:  (VU) and (Saxion)

SURF white paper on online proctoring:

New webinars

During this first webinar we focused on online education, the organisational aspects and the various tools that can be used. The conversation in the chat showed that there is also a need for knowledge sharing on other topics such as interaction with students and digital testing. We are therefore preparing two additional webinars. Do you want to stay informed? Keep an eye on the Vraagbaak Online Onderwijs in the coming days or send an email to



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